Welcome to our Fort Worth OB/GYN practice, your home for a lifetime of care.

At Women’s Integrated Healthcare, we believe that a strong relationship with your Fort Worth OB/GYN can enhance your quality of life. The foundation that we build on trust and open communication opens doors to preventive care and access to treatment options you may not have known existed.

As a practice comprised of all women, we are especially sensitive to the needs of our patients. Each encounter with our OB/GYN team at Women’s Integrated Healthcare, whether your visit to our Fort Worth office is for a well woman check up or preconception care, will reinforce our commitment to valuing you as an individual.

As you progress through the distinct phases of a woman’s life, we want you to lean on our Fort Worth OB/GYN family. Every healthcare issue that you face warrants our time and attention, and we welcome calls and consultations with our caring and compassionate team:

  • Angela L. Cope, M.D.
  • Barbara A. Coulter-Smith, D.O.
  • Courtney L. Walters, M.D.
  • Katrina E. Allen, M.D.
  • Monica E. Lopez, M.D.
  • Wendy A. Kindrick, D.O.

Our Fort Worth OB/GYN group excels at gynecological care. Period.

A woman’s reproductive system is beautifully designed to support conception and maintain balance. When menstrual irregularities occur, they can alert us to underlying health issues, from PCOS and endometriosis to pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility. We understand that pelvic pain, heavy bleeding and irregular periods disrupt your life. Turn to us to identify the problem and find solutions.

We specialize in providing proactive treatments for gynecological conditions, and caring for women throughout all of life’s stages:

  • Abnormal pap smears
  • Adolescent and pediatric gynecology
  • Menopause management
  • Permanent and oral contraceptives
  • Premenstrual disorders

In the years leading to menopause, we have a unique opportunity to tailor a plan to help you alleviate symptoms. Ask us about HRT and a tailored approach to menopause management.

Exceeding expectations with top-tier obstetrical and fertility services

Mothers who partner with a Fort Worth OB/GYN deliver at a world-class hospital.

Baylor Regional Medical Center in neighboring Grapevine is home to a level III neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), nurturing breastfeeding specialists and spacious maternity suites.

HCA Hospital at  Medical Center Alliance

We are prepared to expertly manage any circumstance that arises while you are trying to conceive, during pregnancy, in the delivery room and in the postpartum months. In addition, our physicians pursued advanced training in diagnosing and treating infertility, and can help you overcome any barriers to getting pregnant.

Your gynecological surgeons in Fort Worth specialize in minimally invasive techniques

Today’s minimally invasive options have changed the way women think about surgery. Rather than postponing relief and treatment, our patients can opt for robotic and laparoscopic methods that minimize pain, expense and recovery time (when compared to traditional, open surgery).

Each of our physicians at our Fort Worth OB/GYN practice insists on providing this advanced surgical option, and every physician in our practice trained in the da Vinci Robotic Surgical System™.

Thank you for considering partnering with Women’s Integrated Healthcare, an all-female practice in Fort Worth and Grapevine. Contact us to learn more about our philosophy of care and to schedule a new patient consultation at our office at 3025 N. Tarrant Parkway, Ste 150, Fort Worth 76177.



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